The first book in my novel Cycle is, of course, dedicated to my late wife, Peggie Angela (Laird) Brenton. Gone now these eight-and-a-half years, she still inspires me with her noble and generous character, her great intelligence and passion for learning and her love for everyone, whether she had met them yet or not. So, The Water Cure, themed about the extension of life by many years, begins …

In memory of my beloved Angi,
with whom I look forward to being reunited,
no matter how many years or decades it takes.

The Crystalline Clarity, my second book in the series, is about a young person trying to find himself after losing not just one but both parents. Both of my amazing kids had to rebuild their lives after the loss of their mom, in their own time and in their own ways, and I am so very proud of them. Plus my grandson is his own four-year-old fountain of joy and blessing to me. So the sequel begins ….

For my kids, Matt and Laura; and my grandson, Kayson.

Rounding out the trilogy — at least for now! — is The Aqueous Solution, and it begins with a book report for a class in school written by one of my characters in his youth. I read voraciously in my youth, and yearned to write, and eventually did. At first, short stories in longhand; then as I taught myself to type on my mom’s ancient Underwood, much longer pieces. I even foisted a novella-length typewritten manuscript on one of my junior high teachers who dutifully read it and nodded, “It’s all right.” From her, that was high praise. But at every step — no matter how awful my efforts were in retrospect — there were teachers, instructors, professors and dear friends who encouraged me to keep at it and keep getting better. I hope I did. Book 3 begins ….

For all the teachers, instructors and professors
who encouraged me to write and keep writing, including:
Don Jones, Dawn Wade, Betty Ulrey, Neil Cope.

For all the friends who believed I could,
far too numerous to name.


About W. Keith Brenton

W. Keith Brenton is a retired communication specialist, minister and passenger train conductor, living and writing in the historic resort village Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He is the widowed adoptive dad of Matt and Laura, and Pop-Pop to one grandchild. He enjoys drinking the local water, but unfortunately doesn’t look any younger than his actual age.
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