George’s IQF Chicken

The Cold Facts About
George’s Individually
Quick-Frozen Chicken

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1 IQF is more convenient.

    George’s Individually Quick Frozen Chicken comes already cut and trimmed; packed in protective poly bags; ready for the chef’s recipe without thawing. Use any cooking method with IQF: broiling, frying, baking, grilling, microwaving. Serve one at a time, or a whole case.

2 IQF has greater consistency.

    Blade cutting and precision sizing ensure the consistent size and weight of George’s Individually Quick Frozen Chicken. You know exactly how many pieces you’ll receive and their size. This gives you greater control over cost, portioning and recipe quality.

3 IQF has less waste.

    With George’s Individually Quick Frozen Chicken, you get exactly what you ask for: consistent, fresh-tasting chicken in the number, size and weight that you’ve ordered. You get the cuts you’ve ordered, with no waste.
    In other forms of chicken products, waste may account for more than 15% of the bird: tails, leaf fat, trimmings, giblets. You pay for it. You pay for the shipping of this weight. But you probably don’t use it.

4 IQF has fresher taste.

    At George’s, we age young, tender broilers: size, cut and trim them; and place individual pieces in a O°F environment that freezes in flavor, moistness and tenderness in 30 to 45 minutes. Then each piece is spray coated with water to form a thin glaze of ice that protects it from dehydrating freezer burn.

5 IQF has longer storage life.

    Because our quick freezing and glazing process locks in flavor and eliminates the growth of bacteria, George’s IQF chicken keeps longer and stays fresher tasting. With other products, you run a risk that a contaminated preparing surface has passed bacteria on to the bird. Slow freezing also causes chicken to become tough and dry, and its bones to turn black and unappetizing. If you slow-thaw it before cooking and serving, you may also be contributing to this.
    You can cook IQF while still frozen and avoid the negative effects of the slow-thawing process.

6 IQF features excellent variety.

    George’s IQF chicken comes in a wide variety of cuts, weights and units per package to make planning and budgeting your menus easy.


George’s Farms

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In addition to conceptualizing and writing the copy for these two trade show handouts (here’s the other one), I created the bases upon which the pullets stood for photography and also the earmuffs, backpack and space helmet. The scarf was borrowed from a stuffed animal toy. I also helped wrangle the chickens during the photo shoot.

Art Director:
Special Creative
Keith Brenton
Debbie Strobel
Keith Brenton
4-Color Trade Show Brochure, 8.5×11
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W. Keith Brenton is a retired communication specialist, minister and passenger train conductor, living and writing in the historic resort village Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He is the widowed adoptive dad of Matt and Laura, and Pop-Pop to one grandchild. He enjoys drinking the local water, but unfortunately doesn’t look any younger than his actual age.
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