Still more antique stereoviews

Enjoy 10 more of these stereoviews of Eureka Springs taken at the turn of the 20th Century (most by photographer D. Callahan). Viewed through a fairly common device then, known as a stereoscope, these provided 3-D views. This would have been within a few years of the arrival of Stan and Jen, characters in “The Water Cure” and its sequels in the “People of the Water” Cycle.

A well-dressed group of men, women and children visit Grotto Spring.
This pose takes place at Little Eureka Spring.
Dairy Spring is located on the north end of Eureka Springs.
Crescent Spring is down the hill from the Crescent Hotel and featured a gazebo over it. A colorful replica occupies that space today.
Oil Spring derived its name from the reputedly oily quality of its water.
The town quickly achieved substantial growth, with an estimated population of 6,000 in 1910. Today’s city population was about 2,200 in 2020.
Perry House, a fine wooden-frame hotel next to Basin Park, was lost to a fire and the 1905 Basin Park Hotel — made of limestone — replaced it.
Stereoviews as well as panoramic photographs of the entire resort village were very popular subjects for postcards that visitors could send to friends.
Building dwellings and businesses cost a lot of trees, and lumber industries were numerous and competitive.
This view of Spring Street shows Fuller Cottage at the intersection with King Street — but only in the left frame!


About W. Keith Brenton

W. Keith Brenton is a retired communication specialist, minister and passenger train conductor, living and writing in the historic resort village Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He is the widowed adoptive dad of Matt and Laura, and Pop-Pop to one grandchild. He enjoys drinking the local water, but unfortunately doesn’t look any younger than his actual age.
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