Book Banning Week

It’s always the last full week in September. This year, it begins today, September 18 and closes out on the 25th.

Here are three titles sure to be banned when they become more well-known because, you know, you can’t have characters who are of nonconformist sexuality who are freakin’ brilliant and have their own spirituality in books that impressionable young people could read and perhaps, in this fiction, learn more about being good and decent and accepting in the real world.

Triptych of the three book covers in the “People of the Water” Cycle: The Water Cure, The Crystalline Clarity, The Aqueous Solution

About W. Keith Brenton

W. Keith Brenton is a retired communication specialist, minister and passenger train conductor, living and writing in the historic resort village Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He is the widowed adoptive dad of Matt and Laura, and Pop-Pop to one grandchild. He enjoys drinking the local water, but unfortunately doesn’t look any younger than his actual age.
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